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Utilitec is the go-to source for utility and CIS expertise. Our company has been in the data processing, printing and mailing business since 1985, and focused exclusively on utility billing and EBPP services since 2001. In fact, Utilitec is the only national provider of these services to solely focus on utility billing. That’s why we’ve tailored our processes to very specific standards and can guarantee every bill will be delivered within SLA requirements.

With our exclusive utility focus, Utilitec understands better than any company the challenges that arise when billing from a water, gas or electric meter. Utilities have to manage usage changes on a daily or even hourly basis, so we’ve built our business anticipating the changes that utilities require. Whether it’s adding a new rate code or line item on a bill, creating a new billing template or changing the look and feel of statements and notices, Utilitec has the expertise to manage these changes in an efficient and timely manner.

As a result of our focus on utility billing, Utilitec has developed a superior understanding of the software (CIS) products that tend to be more prevalent in the utility sector. Utilitec accepts billing extract data (files) from multiple 3rd-party CIS companies such as Oracle, Harris, SAP, New World, Munis, Sungard, Ventyx, and other legacy-based systems. Once data is transmitted, Utilitec creates billing statements, notices, letters and inserts in multiple ways, including single files, multiple files, flat files, XML and PDFs. Utilitec guarantees every client same/next day turnaround (24-hour max) and accept data transmissions 24/7/365.

Statement Processing

Enhance your billing process. Turn to Utilitec for faster, flexible, more efficient statement processing and fulfillment services.

Our smart statement printing and mailing services are customized to help you:

  • Deliver an outstanding billing experience with clear, concise, user-friendly statement design and personalized messaging.
  • Customize the presentation of billing data based on your specific billing preferences, including summary bills, multiple meters, budget bill options, final bill notifications and more.
  • Take control of your billing process with our UConnect Customer Portal. Utilitec offers a diverse selection of web tools to support your billing statement needs: file tracking, messaging, document archival, exception handling and more.
  • Obtain maximum postal efficiency beyond just postal rates. The Utilitec postage reduction strategy reduces your undeliverable mail and postal costs by as much as 30% each year. We provide you with tools that ensure every piece of mail is postal-qualified, keeping you on top of ever-changing Postal Service technology.

Download our UReview sell sheet PDF
Download our UMail sell sheet PDF

Customer Communications

Informed customers are satisfied customers. That’s why we maximize your customer communications program with our inserts and special mailings. Our capabilities allow you to create offline and inline bill inserts, postcards and tri-fold mailers in grayscale or full-color.

For non-recurring documents like meeting notices or capital credit checks, we can utilize your existing design and format or create an original design for you. Find out how you can reduce print and mail costs, raise print suppression rates, and increase customer satisfaction with stronger, more impactful communications.

  • Water Quality Reports
  • Newsletters
  • System generated letters
  • Special letters
  • Variable data letters
  • In-line print inserts
  • Selective in–line inserts
  • Marketing inserts
  • Envelope printing

Download our Customer Communications sell sheet PDF


We offer our utility clients a full range of eServices for electronic bill delivery, viewing, payment, going paperless, biller-direct hosting, EBPP and more. Our services are customized to your needs, and they’re designed to save you money and improve the ease and speed at which your customers respond. We deliver all of our eServices with the same superior quality you’ve come to expect from Utilitec.

Most importantly to our clients is how we integrate our eServices within their business model. It’s what we like to call “Split to Fit.” Here at Utilitec, we have an unrivaled ability to seamlessly integrate each of our individual eServices alongside any existing partnerships, programs and practices you already have in place. That’s whether you need a single service or multiple areas of support. We know our utility clients are often looking for the most versatile, flexible partner to supplement, collaborate and align with their current vendors, and no one is better suited for that invaluable role than Utilitec.

Business Continuity

Any disruption in service can have big-time balance sheet ramifications. That’s why we provide our clients complete confidence when they’re facing an outage – no matter the scope – with our proven procedures, policies and infrastructure designed to support you during any disruption in business operations.

Our data processing services can be used as a stand-alone solution for your disaster recovery. Some clients send data files to automatically process and output to print-ready files in the event of equipment failure or natural disaster.

In addition to supporting our clients during their own internal disruptions, it’s also our obligation to ensure you that all Utilitec operations are fully prepared for any disaster. Our organization maintains a comprehensive six-step Disaster Recovery Plan, which includes a designated recovery team, and a process that aims to restore all business-critical IT and printing functions within 48 hours of a disaster declaration. Additional safeguards include:

  • Natural gas generator
  • Multiple locations
  • Redundant equipment
  • Data replication and backup
  • Remote access

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