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Since 2001, Utilitec has focused exclusively on utility billing and EBPP services.

Our products and solutions are built around the unique needs of the utility industry, providing critical visibility into your billing data.

From east coast to west coast and everywhere in between, our full-color expertise, flexible document design, CIS expertise and exceptional customer service make Utilitec the perfect partner for your business needs.

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CIS Expertise

We have experience with providing custom solutions based on your CIS data. Our team is well-versed in working with Oracle CC&B, Banner, Cayenta, and Hansen (among others).

Operational Excellence

Our entire business was designed around utilities, so our employees are familiar with situations such as schedule changes, higher/lower volumes, etc. You can be confident that you’ll have successful bill delivery on time, every time; and without errors.

Project Management

Our project and implementation timelines are backed by experienced developers, Certified Project Managers (PMP) and dedicated resources. You can rest assured that each deadline is secure and every milestone will be met.

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