What to Expect
With the USPS® Board of Governors decision to forego a price change for January 2015, the mailing industry gets a break at the tail end of the holiday mailing season. But this does not mean that prices won’t change later in the year.



How to Plan for Change
Early 2015 is the next possible time the USPS Board of Governors could propose a price change. If a change does go into effect, the industry would have 90 days to implement the change. If the appeals court upholds the USPS or mailers appeal, the earliest we could see a price change would be April 2015. If the court denies the appeals, changes will likely be postponed until late summer or early fall.

Unfortunately, this uncertainty doesn’t give mailers much to base their 2015 postage estimates on. But until we get a final ruling, next year’s prices will continue to be unclear. To be safe, mailers should budget for the worst-case scenario: a 1.6-2% price increase in the spring (if the exigent pricing becomes permanent and an additional inflation-based price increase is applied).

Read more here on the two existing cases put before the Court of Appeals that are influencing the cost and timing of 2015 mail prices.