In the utilities industry, the billing statement is simply the most important customer communication. But without the right strategic clean and clear design, bills can become utterly ineffective. 

That’s why this “spec” bill could be the future of statement design for utilities. To capture suggestions for possible design changes, ComEd went straight to the source, surveying their customers about the elements of their bills that seemed either confusing or clear as day. Then, they used crowdsourcing to help with this exercise of transforming the appearance of their age-old bills into a more effective communication tool. While this type of 4-color design is not yet available, there’s no mistaking the visual improvements.

With more companies realizing the opportunity for more successful communications, we could be on the cusp of a new era in bill design – one that includes more intuitive placement of communication points and an overall compelling, innovative look and feel. It’s an exciting future overflowing with customer satisfaction. 

While these capabilities aren’t offered yet, contact us to find out how Utilitec is moving toward innovative design trends for our customers.