The United States Postal Service® (USPS) is responding to complaints of mail consistently not meeting delivery service standards since January 2015. Some of the early delays were attributed to weather-related events, but delays continue to be a problem according to mailers.

The USPS performance statistics confirm that there is a decrease in mail being delivered on time. The recent Presort First-Class Mail® service reports state that 2015 Q2 two-day, on-time performance declined 5.8 points, and three-to-five-day performance dropped 9.3 points compared to last year.

Utilitec also has been monitoring mail delivery, and the results are in alignment with what other mailers and the USPS are reporting. While the vast majority of our client’s June mailings were on time, we are encouraged that the USPS is taking the matter seriously.

In an effort to address the mail delay issues, the USPS has suspended Phase 2 of its Network Rationalization effort, which was scheduled to close 82 mail processing facilities in 2015. This enables the USPS to focus on its performance and customer service.

In addition, the Postal Regulatory Commission determined that the USPS is entitled to another $1.191 billion in contributions as an exigent rate adjustment, which means the current surcharge will be extended until April 2016.

Finally Congress has ordered a comprehensive audit of the USPS. The audit, conducted by the Government Accountability office, is expected to be complete in August 2015.

Check back here for more information and an overview of the audit results.