3 Easy Ways to Increase Customer Engagement

3 Easy Ways to Increase Customer Engagement

Thanks to the digital transformation occurring across all industries, customers have higher expectations regarding service and communications, more choices and access to the information they need to make those choices. By increasing your customer engagement, you can improve satisfaction, build loyalty, and ultimately boost revenues.

1. Personalized, relevant messages

Utilities gather large amounts of data on their customers which can be leveraged to increase engagement. For instance, utilities know which customers live in urban or rural areas, and have information on household income, home ownership and energy usage, which can be used to target customers with personalized, relevant messages. These messages can be conveyed on customers’ printed bills, e-bills, email, or even text messages.

2. Be proactive with important information

Studies show that keeping customers in the-know increases satisfaction, even at times when service is down. Instead of making a call to report an outage, today’s customers expect the utility to contact them with information. Not only does this improve customer satisfaction, but proactive communications, through email, text or an app, can help utilities save money in their call centers.

Being proactive also involves educating customers on how to use the information they receive. Utilities that understand how their customers use their utilities and help them understand their bills are receiving the highest reviews. After all, no one wants to be surprised by a high utility bill or struggle to understand their usage, which only leads to frustration.

3. Take advantage of technology

From smart thermostat providers, such as Nest, to cellular and tech companies, and companies that specialize in utility building solutions, utilities are relying on a network of service providers. Whether utilities are communicating about a power outage, a move, service start-up or disconnection, a billing issue or energy management information, there are more opportunities than ever for customer-focused companies to engage with their customers and build relationships.

Utilitec is proud to partner with municipal, cooperative, investor-owned and public utilities across the nation to provide innovative solutions specific to each organization. We help utility companies across the country to leverage data and maximize their customer communications. At Utilitec, we don’t settle for one-size-fits-all. Instead, we identify specific solutions to meet unique billing and communication needs, from empowering data, and engaging design, to efficient delivery.

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