The Client

Vermont based company, Green Mountain Power empowers customers to save money and move to clean energy sources. Their dedication to superior customer service, transparent communications, and innovative billing presentment sets them apart from their competition.

Always striving to improve their customer experience, Green Mountain Power partnered with Utilitec to redefine exactly what it means to provide “improved customer service”. As a result of the partnership, Green Mountain Power was able to provide better communications through improved bill design and functionality to their 265,000 residential and business customers.

The Challenge

Green Mountain Power’s mission to continuously improve their customer experience was not reflected in their bill design or their email design. With those touch points being critical to their customer experience, GMP recognized the need to move to a bill and email design that would be flexible enough to accommodate the ever changing needs of customer and integrated services.

The Solution

Utilitec’s solution came in two phases, with the first focusing on eBilling and the second improving GMP’s print billing.


Utilitec helped Green Mountain Power craft branded emails that would be distributed to each customer with an email. Delivery was seamless and easy-to-use, with customers being able to view important bill information and their bill without even logging into their eBilling website. Within a nine month period, Green Mountain Power’s paperless count doubled.

Print Billing

Originally, GMP’s print billing was hard to read and the information wasn’t displayed properly. Utilitec developed a customized solution to graphically display information in a clear manner, as well as integrate Green Mountain Power’s corporate brand consistently throughout all billing channels. Green Mountain Power’s auditing capabilities, including unbalanced bills, unbalanced budget bills, high bills, and industrial rates were also enhanced.

Utilitec introduced customized strategies to call out certain areas of the bill, resulting in an easier-to-read, more intuitive, positive customer experience for GMB customers.

Readability and graphic display of information improved for the following bill sections:

Through Green Mountain Power’s partnership with Utilitec, the company’s brand consistency was improved and paperless adoption rates greatly increased. Utilitec provided experience, technology, collaboration and continuous improvement initiatives to exceed Green Power’s goals.

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