Greenville Utilities Commission (GUC)

The Client

Operating since 1905, Greenville Utilities Commission (GUC) is a not-for-profit, publicly owned Utility chartered by the State of North Carolina. Owned by the citizens of Greenville, GUC operates under a separate charter issued by the N.C. Gerneral Assembly. 31% of its 150,000 electric customers are located outside the City of Greenville limits.


The Challenge

GUC chose Utilitec as its better billing partner due to 6 key partner requirements:

In 2014, GUC decided to upgrade their CIS system to Oracle CC&B, GUC recognized the need to have an experienced partner to help them with their transition to CC&B.

The Solution

Initially, GUC thought that printing with Utilitec would begin once CC&B went live. However, through the project planning phase, it was determined that starting with GUC’s legacy data was the way to go. This route would allow Utilitec to learn CUC’s total business earlier in the process and assist the go-live of CC&B. The plan was put into place, and the wheels started turning.

With the legacy system implemented and Utilitec’s knowledge of GUC’s business cemented, we were able to provide some additional and unexpected consultative services on their bill extract file and billing processes which brought major benefits to GUC.

The go-live with CC&B went flawlessly, with a successful and on-time implementation for bill print. Needless to say, GUC was extremely satisfied with the outcome of the project saying, “We knew it would be important to leverage Utilitec’s Oracle CC&B knowledge when designing and working on our bills prior to conversion. However we underestimated how valuable this experience really is! Your team has done a fantastic job working with us before and post go live on our new system.”

Utilitec Tools Used: