3 Easy Ways to Increase Customer Engagement

Thanks to the digital transformation occurring across all industries, customers have higher expectations regarding service and communications, more choices and access to the information they need to make those choices. By increasing your customer engagement, you can improve customer satisfaction, build loyalty, and ultimately boost revenues. 1 – Personalized, relevant messages Utilities gather large amounts … Continued

Investing in the Future with Customer Information Systems (CIS)

Back when many utility companies implemented their current Customer Information Systems (CIS) the Internet was new and mysterious, cellphones weighed two pounds and social networking involved going to a party. “Many of the current CIS systems were put in place in the mid-1990s,” said James McClelland, senior global director of the Customer Value Office, Energy … Continued

Why Customer Experience Should Matter to Utilities

Of course, customer service has always been important. In fact, the basic tenets of customer service, such as “know your customer” and “the customer is always right” are timeless. However, the digital age has changed customers’ expectations in a number of ways, including: Customers want things fast! Whether its overnight delivery, an instant answer to … Continued