Securing Your Data

Utilitec understands the high priority that is placed on managing sensitive customer data and we have developed specific, corporate-wide protocols for data and physical building security.  The transmission and storage of sensitive customer data is monitored and protected with sophisticated firewall and encryption technology, and alerts are sent to our clients if there is an incomplete or failed data transmission.

Our clients are assigned a secure FTP site and data can be further encrypted by using PGP encryption.  We also utilize a “file containment” system where data is stored in a highly secure area of our network.  Our data is backed up in a redundant server environment.

Authentication and authorization for our products are managed through an enrollment process that begins by having customers and clients provide information such as account number, email address, or other identifiable values.  Usernames and passwords are then created and passwords are encrypted to allow Utilitec to store encrypted values rather than plain text, allowing us to compare values each time the customer attempts to login.

Our Certifications

Our organization is proud to uphold technological, administrative and physical security practices observed by global governments, business and supply chain entities.  These industry standards are key to the protection of data confidentially, accessibility and integrity.  It is important to note that our practices are not just written, they are back by objective third party audit, testing and compliance including:

  • SSAE 18 SOC

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