What We Do

We are the utility industry’s better billing partner. Our full suite of solutions provide critical visibility of your billing data. We help you maximize customer communications and engagement without compromising quality.

Customer Experience

Our clients are never provided with cookie-cutter solutions.  Innovative service and solutions are the Utilitec standard.  We recognize the importance of quality partnerships and that they cannot exist without trust, communication and accessibility.  We believe in providing rewarding experiences with value added customer communication.  There is no substitute for an authentic, genuine partnership.

Data Management

Your data drives all aspects of customer engagement. Customizing your data is an unnecessary expense when you have the right partner. We have the ability to support specialized business rules and messaging across channels that result in a consistent customer experience. From the bill through collecting payments, the messaging and billing information across channels will be the same for your customers.

Reliable Implementation

Utilitec never misses a deadline. Our Implementation Team guides our partners every step of the way. Take the guesswork out of project and implementation deadlines. Certified Project Managers (PMP), experienced developers and management always deliver successful implementations. You can rest assured that each deadline is secure and every milestone met.


Clear communication is essential for a partnership to succeed.  Big breakthroughs and progress don’t happen in a silo. Utilitec’s solutions and processes were built through our utility partnerships and we look forward to continuing that tradition.

UConnect Customer Portal

Our cloud-based interface that you can use to schedule, monitor, and make changes related to billing and provides real-time job tracking.


Track the status of each file and access file history, mailing status and the upcoming file schedule.


Interface that offers quick-search functionality to local any bill history detail and the PDF images.


Our auditing and bill-capturing tool that allows you to fine-tune your billing verification and stop “bad bills” from being delivered.


Reduces the percentage of your undeliverable mail. Identifies bills that typically get returned and helps you save on postage and/or print and mail costs.


Provides the ability to create, view, edit, and test on-bill message campaigns. You can control and update specific bill messages prior to file processing.


Search for bills at the account level and decide which bills will be returned to the utility, which bills to use for confirmation samples, etc.

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