Our Teams

Each team at Utilitec works together to support our mission statement and provide the best service possible to our clients

Client Success Team

Our client success team partners with our clients to help them achieve their goals.  They recognize that communication is crucial to successfully managing all daily requests and to continuously strengthen the partnership.

Project Management Team

Our project managers are certified Project Management Professionals (PMP). Their goal is to provide a seamless and efficient experience where every utility is transitioned on time, on budget and with no disruption of service to either utility or their customers.

Solutions Team

Our solutions team focuses on solution architecture, business rule interpretation, business requirement documentation and coordination with our IT group. The solutions team will guide you through the implementation process to enhance your customer communication.


Our operations team prides itself on their excellence philosophy that embraces problem-solving and leadership for continuous improvement.  Since our entire business was designed around utilities, our employees are familiar with schedule changes, higher/lower volumes, additional mailings, etc


Our IT team executes all business rule application, business requirements, changes and additions you need. They work closely with all departments to ensure business requirements are met flawlessly.


Our sales team is comprised of industry experts who know utilities and the problems they face inside and out. Because they work exclusively with utilities, they have the foresight to ask the important questions and get the right information.

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