Our commitment to quality is ingrained in our DNA. Our certifications require quality to not only be a measure of error-free production, but to also be a systemic part of our overall business management. That’s why our extensive Quality Control (QC) process has multiple checkpoints, requiring every employee to take an active role in upholding our standards.


We have built our business on creating necessary quality checkpoints to flawlessly deliver physical and electronic bills through multiple channels. Utilitec operates within a defined Quality Operating System (QOS), is SSAE-18 compliant, EMS-14001 compliant (Environmental Management System), maintains several ISO certifications, is HIPPA compliant, Six Sigma compliant and maintains Red-Flag compliance proficiency


Our agile technology can pull data from multiple CIS systems 24/7/365. And samples are always delivered to you for review prior to printing. In fact, our UTrack online job-tracking module presents real-time status updates throughout production so you can always stay informed. Our practices are more efficient on the front end and they result in faster, easier bill pay for your customers.


At the document composition level, auditing and balancing thresholds are in place to ensure data validity, and additional checkpoints are in place at the production level to ensure printing and selective inserting quality. This includes our camera-verification technology which captures specific sequence numbers for reconciliation, or the creation of a printing template that measures specific layout and data mapping elements of your bills and notices.

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