We are the utility industry’s better billing partner. Our full suite of solutions provide critical visibility of your billing data. We help you maximize customer communications and engagement without compromising quality.


Data is the core of Utilitec. Do you need real-time visibility of your billing data? Utilitec’s vast IT infrastructure and skilled experts process data quickly, accurately and on time, every time. We promise to help you rise above the complications of utility billing data. We guarantee your satisfaction.


Experience the satisfaction of engaging document design. Are you maximizing customer communications? Utilitec’s design solutions help you take control of your billing processes. Further, we partner with you to deliver outstanding experiences and custom billing presentations. Still not convinced? Our design solutions often improve our clients’ postal efficiency.


Utilitec understands that flawless delivery doesn’t happen by chance. Our team of customer service consultants are interactive, involved and communicative. Our delivery is tested, trusted and documented. How can we be sure? Utilitec’s delivery reports provide critical visibility in real-time. Our tools help you to stay informed about files and customer inquiries. Visibility of your billing data has never been more intuitive, accessible and effortless.


Customer Experience

Our clients are never provided with cookie-cutter communications. Innovative service is the Utilitec standard. We recognize the importance of engaging with customers. We are service oriented and solution focused. Quality partnerships cannot exist without trust, communication and accessibility. We want to provide a rewarding experience with value added customer communications. There is no substitute for an authentic, genuine partnership.

Data Management

More data does not mean better data. Better data is available through our utility-specific expertise and Utilitec's industry-specific database.

Reliable Implementation

Utilitec never misses a deadline. Our Implementation Team guides our partners every step of the way. Take the guesswork out of project and implementation deadlines. Certified Project Managers (PMP), experienced developers and management always deliver successful implementations. You can rest assured that each deadline is secure and every milestone met.


Utilitec delivers the right bill, to the right customer, at the right time. This means that delivery will be accurate and on time, every time. Not convinced? Our tools consist of powerful reporting methods for verification and peace of mind.

Full-Color Document Design

Today’s customers open, read and review their utility bills more than ever before. Utilitec understands and specializes in color management. Our team helps you create powerful customer experiences with easy-to-read utility communications. Utilitec's full-color document design solutions are utility-specific and guarantee remarkable results. Strengthen your customer communications and maximize the customer experience.

Single Source

Utilitec's 100% in-house employment provides control, increased visibility, employee empowerment and efficiency. We value open and easy communication. Our partners receive complete project understanding and the team's commitment to project satisfaction. Discover the benefits of a single source partnership with Utilitec. You will gain a team of responsive, committed, consistent, solution-focused experts.



UConnect Customer Portal

A utility facing technology that allows for real-time job tracking and management of the entire document stream. From data reception to the delivery of output through multiple channels, your personnel will have a panoramic view of the entire process.


An online job tracking module that provides real-time updates of the entire production process.


A technology that allows clients, including call-center agents, to search for specific, stored bills (PDFs), and then print, fax or email bills to customers in real-time. In addition, Utilitec can create a web-call transfer to deliver PDF images within your CIS screens.


A post-processing, bill-capturing technology that works to reduce “bad” bills from being delivered; This tool provides you with control of change management, testing and bill holding until further notice.


A proprietary application that reduces the percentage of undeliverable mail by capturing bills that typically get returned, including mail that is sent to vacant properties, expired PO boxes and pieces with no forwarding address.


An on-bill message campaign and letter management tool that allows you to efficiently deliver specific messages and letters to your audiences.


Prevents duplicate files/bills and ensures shut-off notices are not mailed without first mailing a statement to your customer.


Utility-branded, biller-direct eBilling technology that combines multiple processes and sub-processes into one easy-to-use system. It enables your utility’s customers to view their billing history (PDFs), go paperless, submit one-time or recurring credit card and/or ACH payments and link multiple accounts together, all from within one intuitive interface.


A utility-branded bill notification technology that allows the customer to view their bill without having to log into the eBilling module or remember their username and password. In addition, multiple touch points are created for the customer to choose paperless billing, and, in turn, increase the utility’s eBilling adoption rates.