data-images-1Utilitec is the go-to source for utility and CIS expertise. Our company has been in the data processing, printing and mailing business since 1985. We have specialized in data, design and delivery solutions since 2001. Utilitec is the only provider of these services to focus on the utility industry. It’s the reason we guarantee bill delivery will be within SLA requirements and on time, every time.

Our solutions are utility-specific. Utilitec has built its business to navigate the changes your utility organization requires. Our specialized tools and processes solve specific needs and address real utility concerns.

Utilitec has developed an expert understanding of the tools and systems you rely on. We also understand the challenges that arise when managing critical billing data. Whether it’s adding a new rate code or line item on a bill, creating a new billing template or changing the look and feel of statements and notices, Utilitec has the expertise to manage these changes in an efficient and timely manner.

Utilitec has also developed a superior understanding of the software (CIS) products that tend to be more prevalent in the utility sector. Utilitec accepts billing extract data (files) from multiple 3rd-party CIS companies such as Oracle, Harris, SAP, New World, Munis, Sungard, Ventyx, and other legacy-based systems. Once data is transmitted, Utilitec creates billing statements, notices, letters and inserts in multiple ways, including single files, multiple files, flat files, XML and PDFs. Utilitec guarantees every client same/next day turnaround (24-hour max) and accepts data transmissions 24/7/365.

No Data Left Behind

Data is complicated, but managing utility billing data doesn’t have to be. Are you delivering the right message to the right customer at the right time?

  • Utilitec’s utility-focused expertise enables organizations to gain critical visibility into billing data. We recognize the unique needs of the utility industry.
  • Our industry-specific application was built with you in mind. We partner with you to understand your customers and define your communication goals. Maximize the use of each data point with our flexible, consultative approach to help drive strategic decisions.
  • Our team will translate, illustrate and communicate the data. We will integrate with your current system provider to effectively design and flawlessly deliver better bills. We will use all of your data to deliver the right communications to the right customer at the right time. One-size-fits-all is not our approach and our system, process and expertise provides critical communications that customers expect, need and understand.
  • We believe that informed customers are satisfied customers.

Data Processing

Our vast IT infrastructure and skilled experts process your data quickly and accurately.

Let us manage your customer data.

Our software experts are experienced in taking your data – whether it’s from you or a third-party CIS company – and creating any billing deliverable you need – statements, notices, letters or inserts – in any format that you need.

  • 24-hour file processing
  • Production File Productivity: 98.5%

Accurate billing starts with data processing. That is why we work so hard to ensure we have the best people, processes and tools in place for your customers.

We focus on providing our utility clients with the technology and subject matter expertise to manage all of their file and transaction requirements.