Utilitec delivers a custom, utility-specific system that clearly, efficiently and accurately presents critical communications your customers need, expect and rely on. Our commitment to industry-leading presentment ensures customer communication is highlighted in a way that improves your current level of communications to your utility customers. In addition, we improve your current level of visibility into the billing data. Utilitec’s flexible billing solutions are no different within the area of presentment and presentation options.


UView™ changes the way documents, files, bills and critical communications are stored, managed, viewed and retrieved. Developed specifically for the utility industry and perfected by its users, UView™ provides the most precise and detailed data possible without requiring any manual data or information gathering.

  • Data Based Image Library & Reporting Solution
  • Unique Document Image Archival Tool
  • Web Presentment Tool

Utilitec’s suite of products are fully integrated with our document composition and processing services, meaning that we understand the importance and value of your critical communications need. Because of our understanding of presentment, Utilitec’s presentment tools were created with you and your customers’ needs and expectations in mind.

Our consultative approach to implementing your presentment experience will ensure that statements and other communication documents are delivered flawlessly and to multiple channels, including:

  • Print
  • Mail
  • Biller Direct Web Portals
  • Banker Direct Web Portals
  • Mobile Platforms