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Isn’t it about time you optimize your eBilling activities? Our eBilling and Quickbill tools can help!

Streamlined email designs, PDF bill encryption with web and mobile viewing optimization are just a few reasons our clients trust us with their email notifications and eBilling interface. Email reports are also available in the UConnect Portal, which captures every email sent and every customer click to open – giving you visibility and control.


We make going paperless a breeze! The Utilitec eBilling platform combines industry leading processes into one easy-to-use system that allows you to view billing history, submit one-time or recurring credit card or ACH payments and link multiple accounts together, all from within one intuitive interface.

  • Reduces Costs
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Improves Customer Engagement


Quickbill is an interactive email delivery product that allows your customer to “go paperless” without having to log into the eBilling portal. The Quickbill framework includes a link that will present an encrypted image of the customers’ bill in a PDF format.

  • Increases paperless billing adoption
  • Customers can receive a bill in the mail and via email delivery; no need to choose one versus the other!
  • Utility clients consistently report improved payment with eBilling