Utilitec Makes Paperless a Breeze

Customization Options

Your utility customers aren’t all the same, so why should your bills be? With our unique, comprehensive tools, you’ll be able to customize your eSolutions to reflect your brand, style and overall brand aesthetics through our seamless approach. Continuity across all communications and systems is paramount to a smooth billing process, so we’ve made all of the features, functionality, and service that’s available with your bill print also available with our ePresentment and email.

  • Customer portal for easy document management.
  • Online job tracking module.
  • Document capturing module.
  • PDF search module & eDocument image hosting.
  • Returned mail application.
  • Document & letter notification email.

None of our solutions here at Utilitec are out-of-the-box, because we believe that each client deserves the perfect solution to fit their needs! Our flexibility allows our utility customers to configure settings according to their wants and needs, from confirmation settings to login settings and structure.

Real-Time Billing

In order to improve the customer experience and reduce cost, most of our utility clients provide us with real-time billing information. However, if this is difficult for you, we can extract the data from your utility bills so you’re not limited by your internal capabilities or company resources.

Your Solutions Your Way

Whether you prefer an aggressive, passive, or a hand-holding paperless approach, Utilitec is here as your partner. Together we will reach your paperless billing goals and communicate successfully with each utility customer.