Utilitec provides an efficient, start-to-finish document production process. Our clients expect accurate, customized and quality bills that are produced in an efficient, timely manner. Working with our clients as both advisors and consultants ensures a unique, easy-to-read display of information is developed. Billing issues and expectations are always well-managed to make your big data better data.

Our Process

Customer data comes in many different formats, so Utilitec’s document production process is flexible to accommodate a variety of formats. Our processes are developed in-house and we continually make improvements to exceed our clients’ current and future needs.

  • Print Output Services
  • Variable Driven Documents
  • Concise & User-Friendly Design
  • Personalized Messaging
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • Mail Piece Integrity
  • 24-Hour IT Support

We always take the time to listen to every issue our utility clients are experiencing before developing solutions that fit each unique situation. During our process, clients can see samples of each bill design and each sample is turned around promptly. To ensure quality, we conduct duplicate file checks and offer utility-specific tools which provide the ability to catch “bad” bills before they’re mailed or made available to the utility customer.

Quick Turnaround

Here at Utilitec we are very proud of the accuracy and efficiency with which we are able to serve our utility clients. From creation to insertion, each utility customer receives their bills quickly and on-time, every time. Due to Utilitec’s ability to efficiently process client data, we can print, insert, and mail bills same-day.

24-Hour IT Help

We provide 24-hour IT support to ensure that transferring the data is safe, accurate and on-time, every time. If a corrupted data file is uploaded to our system, our error handling catches it and informs our 24-Hour IT Department. Bulk data can also be compiled quickly into print output with close attention to detail in order to reject bad or duplicate files that may find their way into the data. We are always here for you and always have your best interests at heart.

Increased Client Control

Each bill for each utility client is different. That’s why we’ve made it possible for clients to be more in control of their bill format and output, making changes as needed without incurring large IT costs or delays.

These documents are the backbone of the utility business. High quality documents improve business; it’s a fact of life. We work with our utility clients to manage the billing exceptions of their customers which always results in lower complaint rates and increased customer satisfaction.

Business Benefits

The more we can help our clients understand each different data scenario, the more empowered they will be on the road to success in their business. From targeted marketing messages to easily accessing, scheduling, transferring, and monitoring files, Utilitec is here to help each client with their needs.

  • Flexible bill content without massive IT costs
  • Reduced number of customer service calls.
  • Mistakes are caught quickly, effectively and efficiently.
  • Messages are customized to each account type.
  • Emergency messages can be added quickly and easily.
  • Strengthen your utility company‚Äôs reputation and customer satisfaction.

At Utilitec we understand how important it is for your customers to receive the right bill. Too many times utility companies have received bad press due to their utility customers receiving a hugely expensive and incorrect bill, so Utilitec has designed tools and customized solutions to help utility companies maintain their representation and the respect of their customers and community.

Our UReview tool stops “bad bills” which are drastically incorrect, which results in less stress both for the utility company and their customers. Additionally, our process queue allows our operations team to be precise with information. Utility clients and their customers are not left wondering if the utility bill was mailed or not mailed.