Bill design impacts each customer's ability to understand and pay their bill. It also conveys your company's values and culture as a utility provider. And, as the most frequent form of communication with your customers, your bill design should be sure to promote a consistent company image, communicate concise information, and maximize each communication touch point.

Utilitec partners with our utility clients to guide the bill design, or redesign, process. We take a consultative approach with impeccable attention to detail and provide each client with a positive experience. Our timely process and thorough, solutions-oriented experience leaves each client, and their customers, completely satisfied.

Our Design Process

Throughout Utilitec’s years of experience, we’ve continually improved our products and processes in order to help our clients design functional, readable, and industry-leading documents. By incorporating cutting-edge printing equipment and design software, each utility document is unique. This ensures you are able to convey specific marketing messages to the right customer at the right time, along with increasing the likelihood of payment.

With 20% of billing scenarios making up 80% of a utility company’s revenue, it’s time to make your utility data better data.

Utilitec can guide the bill redesign process in the following ways:

  • Establish bill design or redesign goals.
  • Facilitate focus groups.
  • Present design samples.
  • Create vision impaired bill versions.
  • Offer consultations throughout the design process.
  • Coordinate weekly conference calls.
  • Develop new design formats.
  • Introduce new data elements.
  • Test new design formats.
  • Customize bill layout via our flexible document composition tool.
  • Collaborate to develop and implement a marketing strategy to announce the bill design.
  • Create FAQ resources for your company, call centers, and customers upon launch of a new bill redesign.

Document Readability Best Practices

What’s the purpose of a bill? It’s simple. Each bill or customer document should tell its customer’s story. It should be easy to read, with itemized charges or deductions, and a next step that’s evident to the customer.

The organization of data is important and the data should flow like a story. Where did it come from, how was it used, and what is the end result? If the end-user cannot understand his or her bill, how can they trust the utility company is correctly charging them or that the meter was read properly?

Always remember, the likelihood of bill payment is increased by easy-to-read bills with relevant information. And, this is all done through consistent brand imaging, font style, size, and layout!

Since well-designed documents are much easier to read and comprehend, we’ve outlined a list of best practices that will help you create the most readable documents possible.

  • Tell customers their data story.
  • Keep brand imaging consistent.
  • White space is your friend. Don’t be afraid to use it.
  • Design it right. Font style, size, color, and alignment will either enhance or hurt the readability of your documents.
  • Keep it simple. Creating clear and concise documents with pertinent information helps customer comprehension.
  • Create intuitive documents. If a high school student cannot understand a bill, it’s not clear enough.
  • One quick glance. That’s all the reader should have to give in order to understand their document.