Each utility bill tells a unique story. That’s why Utilitec promotes opportunities to create full-color bill formats that maximize readability, improve the reader’s understanding of the bill, and promote action by the customer to pay his or her bill.

Every bill that’s received should match the same high quality of service our utility clients provide to their customers. We understand that each document is the most direct representation of the quality and professionalism your company maintains, so each impression must be a lasting one.

Full-Color Advantage

It's simply a fact that full-color bills are more attractive to read. Because of this, utility customers are more likely to read the information presented to them. Color choice can improve readability of each utility bill by selectively calling the customer's attention to specific parts of their bills. Full-color bills are more likely to be paid by the customer, simply because they are easier to understand.

Full-Color Document Customization

Because of Utilitec’s advanced technology, our clients enjoy many customization benefits others don’t have access to. In fact, we’ve completely eliminated the need for pre-printed shells and templates.

Our client’s bills are customized using our full-color spectrum and printed by our state-of-the-art RICOH printers. Utilitec’s technical knowledge, expertise and understanding of billing data provides utility companies with the opportunity to maximize use of variable data on bills.

From commercial to residential, no utility bill needs to look the same. The entire structure of your bills can be customized based on various data scenarios, displaying a professional layout and carefully displayed marketing messaging.

Customization Options

  • Multiple bill formats.
  • Trans-promotional messaging.
  • No pre-print required.
  • Highlight any portion of the utility bill.
  • Exact logos and color matching.
  • Color code various bill sections.
  • Customize according to unique billing scenarios or payment patterns.

Making Utility Data, Better Data

Within six months of full-color print availability, Utilitec migrated 90% of our current clients – a feat unheard of in our industry. It truly speaks to the unwavering commitment and process we hold so dear at Utilitec. We work day in and day out to provide the best business solutions for our clients and we are happy to share a few of our favorite solutions with you.

  1. Introduced data-driven business rules for each bill, which allows the possibility of having a regular bill in one color and a past-due bill created with another color.
  2. The ability for utility statements to change in color based on the data condition, yet staying streamlined and consistent during each new bill design phase.
  3. Color-coding bills to their specific product lines. For example, water related items in one color and sewer related items will appear in a different color.
  4. Placing rolls of blank stock in place of pre-printed letter heads, which removes a step in the printing pipeline. This saves time and effort that can then be used toward production.
  5. Printing full-color marketing inserts to go with each customized utility bill.
  6. No matter the issue your business is facing, Utilitec is here to make your utility data better data.