Why Choose Us?

There are tons of vendors that utilities could select to partner with for print, mail, and payment. Why choose Utilitec?

When utilities want a partner that matches their goals, they look to Utilitec. We’ve made it our mission to help utilities leverage their data to promote meaningful interactions with their customers. Enhancing customer confidence is about more than just how things look, they need to work right the first time.

Industry Focus

Since 2001, we have specifically focused on building purpose-built solutions for utilities. Given our unique focus on the utility sector and our deep understanding of the difficulty of billing from a gas, water, or electric meter, our knowledge of utility market dynamics will benefit you as your business needs continue to evolve.

Bill Design Specialties

Throughout our years of experience, we’ve continually improved our products and processes in order to help our clients design functional, readable, and industry-leading bills. By incorporating cutting-edge printing equipment and design software, each utility document is unique. This ensures you are able to convey specific marketing messages to the right customer at the right time, along with increasing the likelihood of payment.

Data Expertise

Your data drives all aspects of customer engagement. Customizing your data is an unnecessary expense when you have the right partner. We have the ability to support specialized business rules and messaging across channels that result in a consistent customer experience. From the bill through collecting payments, the messaging and billing information across channels will be the same for your customers.

Project Management

We provide a full scale, end to end implementation methodology that ensures all projects will be transitioned on time, on budget, and with no disruption of service to either utility resources or customers. Our methodology defines business needs at the beginning of the project and we maintain visibility throughout. Every project has been launched on time since 2010.

Operational Excellence

Our operational excellence philosophy embraces problem-solving and leadership for continuous improvement. Our entire business was designed around utilities, so our employees are familiar with schedule changes, higher-lower volumes, additional mailings, etc. You can have confidence that successful bill delivery will happen on time, every time, and without errors.

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