The Power of You

Your customer engagement begins with you.  Your data, your design and your delivery are second to none with Utilitec. Gone are the days of inflexible systems provided by vendors that require costly customization and long implementations. We give you the power to choose which solutions you want to implement and when. Just as no two people are built alike, no two utilities are built alike – so why would we treat all utilities the same?

Your Data

Your data drives all aspects of customer engagement. Customizing your data is an unnecessary expense when you have the right partner. We have the ability to support specialized business rules and messaging across channels that result in a consistent customer experience. From the bill through collecting payments, the messaging and billing information across channels will be the same for your customers.

Your Design

Your brand is important, and your design should reflect your brand. Our talented team can help you with the best practices in utility billing and customer engagement. Your customers will appreciate the same branding regardless of channel. From bill to letter, to the utility website, to electronic billing and payment, your design is recognizable and trusted by your customers.

Your Delivery

Giving your customers choices are important to you. Giving our utilities choices are important to us. Enhance your customer service experience through omni-channel payment options. Whether your customer wants a printed bill, an email, or even a text message, you can count on our platform to get it right every time.

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