At Utilitec, we hire individuals who are “A” players! It’s important that each person who becomes part of our team is a very genuine, credible and likable person who is as ready to invest in our company as our company is to invest in them.

Each day in Utilitec’s fast paced and dynamic work environment is exciting. Day to day, there’s never a dull moment and there’s always an opportunity to learn. You’ll receive incredible hands-on experience working with new technologies, in all layers of software and stages of development.

Hiring & Interview Process

Our company is always looking for the best and brightest to join our team. Our hiring and interview process is very straightforward and includes:

  1. A Panel Interview: the panel interview includes behavioral interview questions to ensure that you’ll be a great match for the Utilitec team. Your happiness and fulfillment in your job is our top hiring priority.
  2. A Caliper Test: the Caliper Profile is a scientific test for in-depth personality assessment and job matching. It’ll help us determine your natural strengths, motivations and potential success indicators.

Career Development & Perks

Coaching, teaching and mentoring each Utilitec employee is integral to the success and longevity of our company. We know that feeling fulfilled in your work is one of the main things each person wants from their job and we are dedicated to providing that. We offer:

  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Apprenticeship Program
  • Training Beyond Hire
  • 401k Match

Tuition Reimbursement

Our Tuition Reimbursement program offers the opportunity for employees to receive partial and full reimbursement of tuition expenses for approved and successfully completed education, classes or programs in which a grade C or better is received.
At Utilitec we strongly encourage our employees to take advantage of appropriate opportunities for self-development.

  • Associates Degree – Tuition Reimbursement Info: For employees seeking tuition reimbursement assistance for classes taken towards an Associates Degree.
  • Undergraduate Degree – Tuition Reimbursement Info: For employees seeking tuition reimbursement assistance for classes taken towards an Undergraduate Degree.
  • Graduate Degree – Tuition Reimbursement Info: For employees seeking tuition reimbursement assistance for classes taken towards a Graduate Degree.

Apprenticeship Program

Utilitec’s Apprenticeship Program is a true working, paid internship. You’ll work closely with the team here at Utilitec each day to gather real-world experience and see what professional life outside school is really like. We’ll teach the basics of our business, as well as give you the opportunity to dig a little deeper into the technical work process. You’ll be able to showcase your knowledge and get your time to shine presenting your ideas at the end of your Apprenticeship with us. We guarantee our Apprenticeship Program is one you’ll never forget and one that’ll be valuable for years to come.

“Starting out as an apprentice gave me the chance to learn a great deal on the job. Utilitec’s tuition reimbursement is a huge plus, too. I’m even able to get time off work to take classes and earn certifications in my field!” – Utilitec IT Apprentice

Training Beyond Hire

Individuals at Utilitec are very proud of their academic and professional accomplishments. But, just because they’ve worked hard to achieve a Bachelor or Masters degree doesn’t mean their education stops there. At Utilitec, we love when our employees crave additional training and we’re happy to provide it. Training Beyond Hire develops your professional skills and pushes professional advancement forward. We have the passion to develop our people and in turn, our people have passion for Utilitec.

See What Our Employees Have to Say

“I carry my past Account Management experience over into each project here at Utilitec. It helps me build great business relationships and partnerships with our clients from the start.” – Project Management Implementer

“Our people, from sales to implementation and client service, take care of our clients. We never make them feel like they are just a “ticket” we have to check off the list.” -Project Management Consultant